Pi Media is a global leader in providing COMPETITOR analytics and insight services. It is a managed service that sends out bi-weekly and weekly reports on what your competitors are doing , what they are saying , what others are saying about them and compare your competitors with each other.

Using sophisticated software and expert human analysts, Pi covers press, social and the full digital world to uncover what your competitors are doing today.

Pi Media is headquartered in New York
with offices across Europe and Asia.

Your competitors teach you. Your competitors inspire you. Your competitors may even push you to move faster. Learning from competitors is key for any CMO or CEO to stay in the game. Pi Media provides a proactive service to track, learn and compare from competitor analytics and insight.

Why Competitor Analytics?



2 competitors + Your Brand

  • Analyse FB, Twitter, News & Blogs
  • Sentiment and share of voice analysis
  • Job Listing Analysis
  • Search Positioning Analysis
  • Weekly Reports
  • Human Insight


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5 Competitors + Your own Brand

Get all of Plan-A PLUS
  • Bi-monthly Analyst Call
  • Web site feature benchmarking
  • Product Release Analysis
  • Includes LinkedIn tracking
  • Live Event participation analysis


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10 Competitors + Your own Brand

Get all of Plan-B PLUS
  • Bi-Weekly Reports
  • Weekly Analyst Call
  • M&A, Partnership Review
  • Pricing Analytics
  • TV+Broadcast coverage for US


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N.B: One Competitor refers to one brand or product of a company. Features against each plan are included where data is available