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Often asked: What Is Unique Purchases In Google Analytics?

Google Analytics says “Unique Purchases is the total number of times a specified product (or set of products) was a part of a transaction.” This is a great metric to help you figure out the purchase habits of your customers.

What are unique purchases?

Unique Purchases is a Metric in Google Analytics under the Ecommerce section. Unique Purchases Definition: The number of product sets purchased. For example, if users purchase 2 frisbees and 5 tennis balls from the site, this will be 2.

What are unique transactions?

When you’re looking at a report by product, the Unique Purchases is the number of times that the product appeared in a transaction. For example, if you had two transactions total, one which sold 2 frisbees and one that sold 15 tennis balls, the Unique Purchases would be 1 for each product.

How do I find unique purchases in Google Analytics?

In order to find the number of units of a product that were sold in one transaction, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on a product link in the ‘Product Performance’ report (under Conversions > Ecommerce).
  2. Add ‘transaction ID’ as a ‘secondary dimension.
  3. Sort the ‘Unique Purchases’ column in decreasing order.

Can Google Analytics track purchases?

Ecommerce Tracking is a feature of Google Analytics that tracks shopping activity on your website. You can use it to track and analyze transaction data, revenue, products you’ve sold, and more. Ecommerce data in Google Analytics will give you specific insights into: Products with a high (or low) number of sales.

What is product revenue in Google Analytics?

Product Revenue: The metric representing individual product contributions to total revenue. This is used for reporting exclusively at the product level and is generally only included in the product-based eCommerce reports in Google Analytics.

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What is product checkout in Google Analytics?

Product Checkouts is a Metric in Google Analytics under the Ecommerce section. Product Checkouts Definition: Number of times the product was included in the check-out process (Enhanced Ecommerce).

Is used to identify transaction uniquely?

A Unique Transaction Identifier ( Acronym: UTI ), alternatively called Unique Swap Identifier (Acronym: USI) is a globally unique identifier for individual transactions in financial markets.

How do I correct duplicates in Google Analytics?

Run a Custom Report in Google Analytics Adjust your date range to at least a month. If you have Transaction IDs that register multiple transactions, then you’re either (A) sending duplicate transactions or (B) reusing Transaction IDs. Both issues should be fixed.

How is transaction defined in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, ‘transactions’ represent unique orders on your online store, and a ‘unique purchase’ measures the number of times a product was part of a transaction. Since transactions can include multiple products, the number of unique purchases is often higher than the number of transactions.

How do I track sales in Google Analytics?

How to track your sales using Google Analytics

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click “Admin” from the top menu bar.
  3. In the “Account” Column, select the website you wish to track sales (if you have more than one in your account).
  4. In the “View” column, select “Goals”
  5. Click “+New Goals” from this page.

How do I see transactions in Google Analytics?

To view Google Analytics eCommerce sales (number of transactions) and revenue data, navigate to Acquisition » All Traffic » Source / Medium. Then click on E-commerce under the Explorer tab. In the table, you’ll see multiple columns, including revenue and transactions.

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How does Google Analytics detect ecommerce tracking?

To see Ecommerce data in your Analytics reports, you need to: Enable Ecommerce for each view in which you want to see data. Enable Ecommerce for a view

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the view you want.
  3. In the VIEW column, click Ecommerce Settings.
  4. Set Enable Ecommerce to ON.
  5. Click Save.

What transactions GA?

Displays the number of transactions for Google Analytics sessions attributed to clicks on search or social objects in Search Ads 360. Only available after you link your Search Ads 360 advertiser with a Google Analytics web property.

How does Google Analytics calculate average order value?

To see the average order value of your website in Analytics, go to Conversions (located on the left panel settings). Then navigate to E-commerce » Overview. Here you can see the Avg. Order Value metrics for your online store.

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