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Often asked: What Does This Icon Refer To In Google Analytics?

If you are viewing an un-sampled GA report then you will see a green shield icon with checkmark at the top of the report: If you hover your mouse over the green shield icon you will see the following message “This report is based on 100% of sessions”.

What does the yellow check mark mean in Google Analytics?

In case the tick mark appears in yellow, it means that you are looking at a sampled report.

What is compare three dimensions in Google Analytics?

To edit or add comparisons to a report:

  1. At the top of the report, click.
  2. Click + Add new comparison.
  3. Select Include or Exclude depending on whether you want the condition to include or exclude the data you define.
  4. Click in the Dimension field to select a dimension (e.g., Platform)

What is an example of data you Cannot track in Google Analytics?

You can’t track Individual users Unfortunately, Google Analytics only allows to use a unique user ID and prohibits sending personal information, username or an IP address. So you can’t really see and understand how specific users behave on your site and get valuable data.

What is data sampling in Google Analytics?

In data analysis, sampling is the practice of analyzing a subset of all data in order to uncover the meaningful information in the larger data set. This article explains the circumstances under which Analytics applies session sampling to your data in order to give you accurate reports in a timely fashion.

What is a metric in Google Analytics?

Metrics are expressed through numbers (number values, %, $, time) in a Google Analytics report: they are quantitative measurements of data and show how a website is performing in relation to a specific dimension.

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What is a user in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, a user is a visitor who has initiated a session on your website: the moment a person lands on any page of your site, they are identified as either a new or returning user. Google Analytics differentiates between new and returning users based on visitors’ browser cookies.

What is a view filter Google Analytics?

Filter and modify the data in a view. Use filters to limit or modify the data in a view. For example, you can use filters to exclude traffic from particular IP addresses, include only data from specific subdomains or directories, or convert dynamic page URLs to readable text strings.

What must be configured for Google Analytics to capture data?

To set up Google Analytics, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Set up Google Tag Manager.
  • Step 2: Create Google Analytics account.
  • Step 3: Set up analytics tag with Google Tag Manager.
  • Step 4: Set up goals.
  • Step 5: Link to Google Search Console.

What report helps you understand how long?

The Time Lag report in Google Analytics tracks the number of days from when a user first interacts with your site (with the ability to track conversion as a transaction, form submission or download) to their final conversion.

What does Google Analytics not tell?

The first major issue with Google Analytics is a lack of ability to track lead volume accurately. Tracking form fills can be done with a little work. Phone call tracking relies on call tracking software, while live chat volume can be done within your chat tool.

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What is Google Analytics unable to track?

Explanation: Google analytics is not able to track the customer’s lifetime value as a goal. The Lifetime Value report lets you understand how valuable different users are to your business based on lifetime performance. This is not just a number but a complete metric. That’s why it could not be tracked in Goal.

What analytics tools Cannot tell you?

Web analytics can tell you many things about your online performance, but what can analytics tools not tell you?

  • What your customers are doing on your website.
  • Where your customers have come from before visiting your website.
  • Where your customers go after leaving your website.

How do you tell if Google Analytics is sampling?

If your Google Analytics reports are being sampled, you’ll see this sampling in Data Studio, too. You can check for sampling in Data Studio under the bottom left-hand corner of your report. Normally, you will see a small footnote about when the report was run and a link to the Privacy Policy.

How does sampling work in Google Analytics?

If you are using the free product, sampling will kick in within the Google Analytics interface at approximately 500,000 sessions within the date range you are querying. This sampling occurs at the Property level. By sampling the property, View level filters do not impact the sample size.

What can Google Analytics show you?

In simple words, Google Analytics is a free tracking tool offered by Google, and it shows you how visitors use your website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can exactly see the number of visitors on your store, where they are coming from, which device they are using, and much more.

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