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Often asked: How Much Is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics has no free version and can cost more than $100,000 a year, depending on how much hits you have. Large enterprises requiring additional tools will use Adobe Analytics for comprehensive customer data integration.

How expensive is Adobe Analytics?

However, the cost of acquiring Adobe Analytics Cloud can vary anywhere between $30,000 and $350,000+ per year, depending on your traffic volume, the service level, and other specific requirements you have for your company.

Do you have to pay for Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics has no free version, and can cost more than $100,000 a year depending on how much hits you have. Even when you want to add additional tools, it can easily cost you up to the 7-figures, so usually large enterprises will use Adobe Analytics for comprehensive customer data integration.

How do I buy Adobe Analytics?

Go to the Rules tab, then click the desired rule (or create a rule). Under Actions, click an existing Adobe Analytics – Set Variables action or click the ‘+’ icon. Set the Extension dropdown to Adobe Analytics, and the Action Type to Set Variables. Locate the Events section, and set the events dropdown to purchase.

What is the difference between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics?

What is the difference between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics? The most important difference between Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics is that Adobe Analytics is an actual web analytics solution, while Google Analytics is only suitable for web reporting.

What is similar to Adobe Analytics?

Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe Analytics

  • Google Analytics.
  • Amplitude Analytics.
  • Mixpanel.
  • Heap.
  • Pendo.
  • Google Analytics 360.
  • Kissmetrics.
  • Glassbox.
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How much does Google Analytics 360 cost?

2. How much does an enterprise license cost, and what’s included? Google Analytics 360 is $150,000 per year up to 500 million hits per month. This annual investment will increase if you surpass 500 million hits (each 100 million increment above 500 million).

What can Adobe Analytics do?

Adobe Analytics is a Leader in The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics 2017 because we help you integrate data from virtually any channel, including web, mobile, video, IoT, app, social, and more. Then, you can analyze that data in real time to understand your customers on a whole new level.

Is Adobe Analytics Cloud based?

With Adobe Analytics Cloud as a foundation, you can make a stronger foothold for building customer experiences, tying third-party data into your business intelligence and delivering content to market.

How many companies use Adobe Analytics?

We have data on 33,570 companies that use Adobe Analytics. The companies using Adobe Analytics are most often found in United States and in the Automotive industry.

Is Adobe Analytics hard to learn?

Undoubtedly, Adobe Analytics is very complex and takes time to learn. Yet, when you master the tool, you can do many things with all the customizations and segmentations.

Is Adobe Analytics similar to Tableau?

Adobe Analytics: A marketing analytics and reporting platform *. According to the StackShare community, Tableau has a broader approval, being mentioned in 91 company stacks & 80 developers stacks; compared to Adobe Analytics, which is listed in 6 company stacks and 6 developer stacks.

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Is Adobe Analytics a software?

Adobe Analytics is a data driven software solution used to track the performance of web properties and mobile applications. Adobe Analytics is used by marketers and analysts to gain real-time customer intelligence.

Can Tableau connect to Adobe Analytics?

Easily connect Tableau with live Adobe Analytics data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.

Why is Google Analytics free?

For those users that are not advertisers, perhaps Google Analytics will give them the confidence to try it – that is Google Analytics helps Google acquire more advertisers. So giving away Google Analytics for free is a valid business model as it helps generate revenue for the business.

Why use Adobe Analytics over Google Analytics?

E Commerce Tracking Such eCommerce tracking is much better in Adobe Analytics than Google Analytics. Adobe Analytics’ predefined and structured reports allow more flexible and detailed audit for eCommerce clicks, conversion cycles and potential customers.

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