Should i block google analytics

Can you block Google Analytics?

Block Google Analytics using a Firewall

If your firewall can block DNS requests to specific domain names, then adding a rule to block the domain google-analytics.com and www.google-analytics.com would prevent Google Analytics.

Why you shouldn’t use Google Analytics?

It worsens the user experience due to the necessity for the annoying prompts. When you’re using Google Analytics, you’re making the user experience on your site more inconvenient. All the privacy regulations are a good step towards a better web and are a necessary thing in the world of surveillance capitalism.

Does ghostery block Google Analytics?

Both GA and PageFair are in the Ghostery and AdBlock Plus list of analytics trackers to be blocked. This means these methods are measuring users that block ads but do allow analytics trackers, so your actual ad-block percentages are even higher than these methods show.

Does Adblock block Google Analytics?

A lot of these new ad blockers and privacy features block Google Analytics by default. … The Adblock + Adblock plus Chrome extensions both block Google Analytics if the Easylist option is enabled. The Tracking Protection feature in Mozilla Firefox automatically blocks Google Analytics.

Does brave block Google Analytics?

Thus Brave blocks the request, preventing the browser from downloading the library and executing the Google Analytics tracking code in the web browser.

How many users block Google Analytics?

TL;DR: Blocking rate ranges from 6% to 26%

Despite Apple’s marketing being focused on data privacy, only 5% of Safari and 6% of iOS users block Google Analytics. More Windows users (19%) block Google Analytics than macOS users (18%). Let’s look into the details.

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Can Google Analytics be wrong?

Google Analytics isn’t in real-time

Although this doesn’t necessarily make your reports inaccurate, it’s important to remember that Google Analytics doesn’t display information in “real-time.” But for all of your other reports, it’s best to assume that Google Analytics is 24 hours behind.

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

General Benefits of Google Analytics

  • Cost. The first and most obvious reason to use Google Analytics is that it is completely free. …
  • Data Visualization. Data is only useful if you can make sense of it. …
  • Reporting. …
  • Real Time. …
  • Your Time. …
  • Your Target Audience. …
  • Your Website Channels. …
  • Your Website Pages.

Is learning Google Analytics Worth It?

Yes! The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification is well worth your time. … You’ll gain in-depth insight into Google Analytics, which will help you better understand your website data. Plus, your certification enables you to become a qualified web analyst for your company.

Is ghostery better than AdBlock?

Ghostery vs Adblock: Ease of Use

Using Ghostery cannot get any easier than it already is. … The downside to this process is that most ad-blocking users would much rather have the ad-blocker blocking the ads automatically. Especially since the tracker’s list could have a whole boatload of trackers.

Can trackers be blocked?

Strict: Blocks potentially harmful trackers and most trackers across sites. Content and ads will likely have minimal personalization. This option blocks the most trackers but could cause some websites to not behave as expected. For example, a video might not play, or you might not be able to sign in.

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How do I stop Google tracking?

Stop Google tracking using a browser

Go to https://myactivity.google.com/. Select “Activity Controls,” found in the left-hand menu. Scroll down through the various activities and choose any you’d like to turn off.

Should I get an ad blocker?

It makes your browsing safer

An ad blocker will help you remove many online ads and reduce the opportunity for malvertising attacks. But ad blockers don’t block all ads – in fact, many companies pay good money to ad blocking developers in order to have their ads “whitelisted” (Adblock Plus, we’re looking at you).

How is AdBlock detected?

Ad blocking detection works by placing so-called “bait content” within the pages of a website. Although invisible to the user (it might, for example, be a single pixel in size), this bait content is implemented so as to appear to ad blockers as advertising content.

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