Google analytics exit pages

How do I find exit pages in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, Exit page can be found in: Content > Site Content > Exit Pages. This report gives you a breakdown of the number of Exits, pageviews and the % Exits.

What is an exit in Google Analytics?

An exit is the metric referring to the number of times visitors have left a site from a single page. The page’s exit rate indicates how often visitors exit from it after visiting any number of pages on the site; as a percentage, exit rate is calculated as the number of exits / number of pageviews for a particular page.

What are exit pages?

The Exit Page is the last page accessed during a visit. Matomo (Piwik) reports the top Exit Page URLs, the number of Exits, Unique Pageviews and Exit Rate. Exit rate (sometimes called “Page Exit Ratio”) is the number of Exits from a page divided by total number of Page views of that page.

What is Pages session in Google Analytics?

Pages per Session: the average number of pages viewed during a session on your website. More pages per session means that users are more engaged and exploring more of your site. Average Session Duration: the average length of visitors’ sessions. Again, longer sessions indicate that users are more engaged.

What is Exit percentage Google Analytics?

As described by Google: “Exit% is the percentage of site exits that occurred from a specified page or set of pages.” More simply, it’s the page on your site that the visitor left from.

What is bounce rate Google Analytics?

About bounce rate

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Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.

What’s the difference between bounce rate and exit?

For all pageviews to the page, Exit Rate is the percentage that were the last in the session. For all sessions that start with the page, Bounce Rate is the percentage that were the only one of the session. Bounce Rate for a page is based only on sessions that start with that page.

Is a high exit rate good or bad?

It may simply indicate that the visitor found what they were looking and then left your site. However, a high exit rate on a page that is intended to take your visitors further into your site is a sign that something is wrong. High exit rates on particular pages often indicate a problem in your conversion funnel.

Which is more important bounce rate or exit rate?

There is reason to prefer exit rate in place of bounce rate when analyzing your website funnel and user journey. While bounce rate only records loss of users when users landed on that page directly, exit rate accounts for all exits.

How can I reduce my exit rate?

4 Strategies to Reduce Your Website’s High Exit Rates

  1. Understand Your Visitors’ Behavior. Website analytics is the way to understand your visitors’ behavior on your website. …
  2. Encourage People to Stay on Your Site. …
  3. Optimize Your Conversion Funnel. …
  4. Ask Visitors For Help.
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What does a low exit rate mean?

A low exit rate may (users must be going on to other pages on the site before they leave); Bounce rate is a negative for most websites (points out that the landing page isn’t relevant to your visitors);

What’s a bad bounce rate?

As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. 56 to 70 percent is higher than average, but may not be cause for alarm depending on the website. Anything over 70 percent is disappointing for everything outside of blogs, news, events, etc.

What can you measure with Google Analytics?

Top 10 Things to Measure in Google Analytics

  • 1 – Audience Location. …
  • 2 – Audience Engagement. …
  • 3 – Mobile Traffic Behavior. …
  • 4 – Traffic Sources. …
  • 5 – Social Media Traffic. …
  • 6 – Site Content Trends. …
  • 7 – Page Bounce Rates. …
  • 8 – Site Search Behavior.

What is a good average session duration?

According to our research, a reasonable benchmark for average session duration is between 2-3 minutes. A good average session duration, then, might be anything above three minutes.

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