Readers ask: Where Are The Analytics On My Pinterest Page?

Open the Pinterest app on your device and log into your Pinterest business account. Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right to go to your profile. Tap the chart bar icon in the top-right corner. Select Analytics.

How do I see my insights on Pinterest?

To access them, click the Analytics tab in the top left-hand corner of your profile page and select Overview. In your Analytics Overview, you can view and all of your key Pin metrics, and even filter them by content type, device, source, or format to better understand what’s working for your account.

How do I find my monthly viewers on Pinterest?

Focus on these strategies to increase your monthly Pinterest viewers!

  1. Blog and create pins for useful topics.
  2. Create more than one pin for blog posts to increase Pinterest monthly views.
  3. Make sure all of your pins are the recommended size and shape.
  4. Make sure all of the photos on your blog posts are pinnable.

How do I find my impressions on Pinterest?

10 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic with Pinterest

  1. Create Pins that Direct to Valuable Resources.
  2. Aim to Grow Your Followers and Reach.
  3. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Board Names.
  4. Use Several Keywords in Your Pin Descriptions.
  5. Use Guided Search.
  6. Increase Your Repins and Engagement.
  7. Join a Group Board.
  8. Apply for Rich Pins.

What do Pinterest stats mean?

Pinterest Analytics helps you understand your overall presence on Pinterest. It shows you what paid and organic published content resonates most on Pinterest. The insights you get from Analytics can help you make better decisions and customise your content.

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Are Pinterest analytics accurate?

It can’t look pretty impressive, but the truth is that the number is fairly misleading and does not give an accurate representation of how you’re tracking as far as traffic to your blog goes. For instance, most recently my parenting blog Pinterest account has been sitting at 1.6 million in reach.

How do I find my top pins on Pinterest?

1. Using Pinterest Analytics

  1. You can also click on Analytics located at the top of your screen, next to the Create tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click Overview. Scroll down until you find “Top Pins”.

Does Pinterest count my own views?

“Monthly Views” now refers to the number of times your published pins and pins saved from your claimed domain or accounts were on screen in the last 30 days. In other words, this is the number of times your own pins appeared in the Pinterest home feed, search results, and other places on Pinterest in the last 30 days.

Can you make money on Pinterest?

As long as your account is set up as a business account (what you need to do if you want to make money on Pinterest), you can create Shop the Look pins. For items you’ve tagged in your pins, someone can click on that little blue dot, see the item, make a purchase, and you earn a commission.

How do I link my Google Analytics to Pinterest?

Google Analytics Under Traffic Sources > Social > Network Referrals > Pinterest, you can check how many visits were sent from Pinterest to each URL on your site, as well as pageviews, average visit duration, and pages/visit.

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What does 10m monthly viewers on Pinterest mean?

It’s an indication that Pinterest is showing your content in people’s Pinterest feeds. If nothing else, a high number of monthly views is a sign that the content you share is consistently being shown for certain keywords. So, if this is you, you’re probably doing a great job of key-wording your pins!

How many monthly views is good on Pinterest?

1,000 to 10,000 monthly Pinterest views – You are just beginning. You have likely recently started your account or just recently began pinning more often. over 50,000 views – You’re starting to gain traction on the platform.

What are Pinterest impressions?

Impressions are the same meaning as Facebook: the number of times it shows up in a feed, search results or category results. Remember, impressions are counted when your Pins show up in search results. Another feature of Pinterest’s native analytics that’s helpful is the Boards with top Pin impressions.

How do I get more engagements on Pinterest?

In Conclusion: Getting More Engagement on Pinterest

  1. Share new, relevant images for inspiring content.
  2. Create video Pins, especially of the step-by-step or how-to variety.
  3. Encourage reactions, comments, and photos.
  4. Grow your engaged followers.
  5. Claim your website.
  6. Use Tailwind and especially Tailwind Create.

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