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What is speech analytics

What can speech analytics do?

Speech analytics is the process of analysing recorded audio from phone calls to help you spot trends and patterns within customer interactions. This function can also be extended across other customer contact channels including social media, email, text and web chat.

What is Verint speech analytics?

Verint Speech Analytics can transcribe and analyze 100 percent of your recorded calls to help surface valuable intelligence. The solution automatically discovers and analyzes words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

What is speech analytics software?

At its core, speech analytics is a tool that automates the process of listening to customer interactions. Delivered as an enterprise software solution, speech analytics extracts information from customer conversations that might otherwise be lost.

What is Nexidia speech analytics?

With Nexidia Analytics, speech to text transcription aids the analyst with AI powered discovery and query building, while the actual searching and indexing of data occurs at the phonetic level. The result is greater speed and accuracy, and greatly diminished need to ever reprocess the audio.

What is Lvcsr?

Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) begins by recognizing phonemes much like a phonetic system, but then applies a dictionary or language model of potentially 50,000 ‐ 100,000 words and phrases to produce a full transcript. In LVCSR every word is recognized and nothing is thrown away or skipped.

How do I use voice input in python?

Speech Recognition in Python using Google Speech API

  1. Python Speech Recognition module: sudo pip install SpeechRecognition.
  2. PyAudio: Use the following command for linux users sudo apt-get install python-pyaudio python3-pyaudio.
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What is nice nexidia?

The NICE Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics Framework is the most comprehensive approach to customer analytics available today, from the micro level interaction analytics and IVR optimization to macro level journey analytics to predictive modeling for matching customers to agents.

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