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What is firebase analytics

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Firebase?

Data is now at the project level, not app level, so while you can see data for a specific platform (called a ‘stream’) in Firebase, it is rolled up into one data set now. … With Google Analytics, you may choose to send your iOS data to the same or a different property than your Android data, for example.

What does firebase mean?

Google Firebase is a Google-backed application development software that enables developers to develop iOS, Android and Web apps. Firebase provides tools for tracking analytics, reporting and fixing app crashes, creating marketing and product experiment.

How do I check my firebase Analytics?

To enable Analytics Debug mode in your browser, install the Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension. Once installed, enable the extension and refresh the page. From that point on, the extension will log events in your app in debug mode. You can view events logged in the DebugView in the Firebase console.

What data does firebase collect?

The type of information collected through the Google Analytics for Firebase default implementation includes:

  • Number of users and sessions.
  • Session duration.
  • Operating systems.
  • Device models.
  • Geography.
  • First launches.
  • App opens.
  • App updates.

What can firebase Analytics do?

Analytics surfaces data about user behavior in your iOS and Android apps, enabling you to make better decisions about your product and marketing optimization. View crash data, notification effectiveness, deep-link performance, in-app purchase data, and more.

How expensive is firebase?

Firebase pricing starts at $24.99 per month. There is a free version.

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Why is firebase bad?

One of the main problems with it, is limited querying capabilities. Realtime database provides no way to filter capabilities, because the whole DB is a huge JSON file, which makes it pretty difficult to make complex queries. Another point to consider also relates to Firebase Realtime DB and its data modeling.

What companies use firebase?

2063 companies reportedly use Firebase in their tech stacks, including Instacart, Twitch, and LaunchDarkly.

  • Instacart.
  • Twitch.
  • LaunchDarkly.
  • Stack.
  • Client Platform.
  • ViaVarejo.
  • Bepro Company.
  • Accenture.

Can I use firebase for free?

All other Firebase Auth features are free to use on all plans. Prices are per successful verification. On the Blaze plan, Phone Authentication provides a perpetual free tier. The first 10K verifications for both instances (USA, Canada, and India and All other countries) are provided for free each month.

How do I enable firebase?

How to Enable Google Cloud Messaging (Firebase) in the Google Developers Console

  1. Click on “Add Project”.
  2. After the project is created, click the settings “gear” icon in the upper-left and select “Project settings”.
  3. Under Project settings, click on “Add Firebase to your Android app”.
  4. Download .json file and click Next.

What is firebase Analytics in Android?

Firebase Analytics is a tool which allows you to do exactly that — it helps us to learn how our Android and iOS users are engaging with our application. From setup, it’ll automatically begin tracking a defined set of events — meaning we can begin learning from the very first step.

Are Google Analytics free?

So, Is Google Analytics Free? … Google Analytics is what they call a “freemium” service, meaning that small businesses can use the service without paying a monthly charge, but if you want more advanced features or the ability to do more with the service, there is a recurring fee.

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Does firebase own your data?

You don’t own your data

You can’t export emails, and user accounts are not recoverable (you cannot export user accounts with passwords). Plus, it was not possible to export our data when we had hundreds megabytes hosted. We had to contact Firebase by email.

Is firebase database secure?

Anyone can make requests to your Firebase database, both the Realtime Database and Firestore. So Firebase has Security Rules that you write to lock down your databases. These rules are, admittedly, the weakest part of the Firebase platform. I am not implying that the security itself is weak, because it’s bulletproof.

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