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Cognos analytics data module

What is data module in Cognos analytics?

Data modules are containers that describe data and rules for combining and shaping data to prepare it for analysis and visualization in Cognos® Analytics. … Data modules are source objects that contain data from data servers, uploaded files, or other data modules, and are saved in My content or Team content.

What is data module in Cognos 11?

Cognos Data Modules are a web-based data acquisition, blending and modeling feature available in Cognos Analytics. They first hit the scene as part of Cognos 11 and are meant to supplement and eventually replace Framework Manager for both self-service and IT data modeling needs.

Is Cognos SQL?

By default, IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager uses Cognos SQL to create and edit query subjects. Cognos SQL adheres to SQL standards and works with all relational and tabular data sources. Framework Manager generates the most optimized SQL possible. In this way, Cognos SQL is preferable.

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